Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Outdoor Week

In Tune with Nature - Kinesthetic Learning

Last week we held our first ever Outdoor Week.  Gaura Nitai class were the lucky ones who enjoyed four days of being outside -hands on -learning by doing.  

Kinesthetic learning, is learning that occurs alongside physical activity.  It's all about doing, making, discovering, exploring and moving, rather than listening to a lecture.  

Here are some pics from the week:

Day One:  Piha Bush Walk 
Is everyone still with us?

Manan and Yug

Iggy kindly carried bags for those who were tired!

Enjoying the view at Te Waha Point

Hungry hikers!

Crossing the stream

View of North Piha

Time to head down to the beach and dip our feet in.  The kids were like moths to a lamp when they saw the water.

Day Two:  Fire Making

Students were given a box of matches and 30 minutes to make a small fire. No other instructions were given at this point. They gathered small sticks and set to the task.  It proved harder than they expected. 2 or 3 groups finished an entire box of matches without having lit a small fire.  Out of four groups only one group of girls managed to light and sustain a small fire with no initial instruction.

Gathering sticks

Let's get some kindling!

What should we do next?

Is it going to light?

Girl power! The team who successfully lit a fire.

Great little fire that safe?!

Krsnananda then proceeded to explain how to build a fire and the various components needed.
Start by digging a fire pit

Tinder will help to start the fire

Day Three:  Outdoor Cooking, Mud Ovens and Bow Drills

Day three saw the kids get to choose whether they wanted to build a fire and cook, build a mud oven or make a bow drill.  A little research then they were off outside again to create.

Digging a fire pit

Chopping Firewood

Making the bow drill

Mud oven beginnings

Mix that mud!

Watching the bread cook in the Dutch Oven  

Learning to use a saw

Cooking Vege Sausages

Would ya look at that!  A perfect loaf!

Smoke in the eyes, not so pleasant!

A few more pics:
Playing with mud...who wouldn't be smiling :-)

Nice tail mud warrior

Making the chimney for the mud oven

I think they called themselves the mud warriors....
perhaps more like tree maidens?

Day Four:  Orienteering at Mahurangi Regional Park

This was a challenging day as the terrain was steep and hilly.  Good exercise everyone! 
The map reading was really just in its budding stage as we hadn't done much practice in class, if any!  Even so, we navigated our way around, got lost, got found, found the markers, didn't find the markers and everything else in between.  It was a lot of fun and definitely an area we can build skills with.  Many of the kids could gather the general direction to go in, but determining specific features on the map proved more difficult.

I basically forgot to take pics (though perhaps I've already overloaded you with pics anyway), though I did get these two:

Until next time, I hope the pictures provided a window glimpse of Outdoor Week :-)

Hare Krishna,


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