Monday, September 12, 2016

Looking Back on Term 3

Term 3 Kicked off with a Problem Solving Challenge

In groups students had to make a 'parachute type contraption' to float a small plastic cup of rice, safely to the ground, without spilling any grains! They were given a plastic bag, tape, glue, string, ice-block sticks and card.

Iggy launches the winning chute!
Manan and Vaani mid-design
Yug and Sachi nearly done
Decision time for Krisha and Harsh
Surely we're on to a winner?!

Balaram's Appearance Day

Balaram's Appearance Day was celebrated with a transcendent dose of the holy name! We visited the temple for darshan and students had the opportunity to lead kirtan. Later we embarked on a vibrant Harinam around the school grounds, and the temple.  

Yogeshwer leads kirtan on the harmonium
Jay playing mrdanga

Nearly back to school

Another blog coming soon with more memories of Term 3.
Hari bol!

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