Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Class Blog Up and Running!

Hare Krishna Dear Parents,

Welcome to the Gaura Nitai Class 2016!

It has been a lovely start to the year and I look forward to meeting you all later in the term.
I am new to blogging so needed help to set this up.  Thank you to Riddhi for helping me!

We would like to welcome two vibrant new students to the class: Nadiya Chandra Yr 6 and Vaani Pillay  Yr 7.  They have settled in quickly and add to the sweet nature of the class.

Below is the first edition of "The Weekly Class"  which is created by our 'Class Historian' and our 'Class Photographer'.  This edition was created by Gopal Krishna Yr 8.  He will be missed as he left this week for another school.  Riddhi Prajapati has gladly taken over the role as Class Historian.


If you haven't already done so, please send back the camp forms/camp payment and the homework book order forms/payment. 


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